Ottawa Open Data & Open Government in the News

The City of Ottawa is discussing Open Data. On March 1. 2010 a Report to City of Ottawa: Information Technology Sub-Committee / Sous-comité de la technologie de l’information was discussed between and among City staff & councilors and three members of the public.

The discussion yielded quite a bit of press in all the Ottawa Daily’s and on CBC:

Tracey p. Lauriault was interviewed on CBC Radio’s drive home show All in A Day by Alan Neal today. The meaning of open data for every day people and for the municipal democratic process was discussed. An MP3 clip of the interview is available upon request, just leave a comment w/your email address.

Ottawa Citizen: Sub-committee examines benefits of open data policy, by Neco Cockburn, March 2, 2010.

Le Droit: La Ville d’Ottawa compte devenir plus transparente – La capitale veut mettre en place une politique d’accès libre à ses données, par Dominique La Haye, 2 mars 2010.

Ottawa Sun: City mulls ‘open data’ for mobile phone apps, By Jon Willing, City Hall Bureau, March 2, 2010.

Ottawa Citizen: Need city data? Nope. There’s no app for that…Advocates of open data say making city info readily available in a format programmers can use would help citizens navigate services and save the city money. By By Neco Cockburn, March 8, 2010.


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