August 2009

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The Government of Canada is soliciting feedback from Citizens on Copyright. The questions being asked are as follows:

1. How do Canada’s copyright laws affect you? How should existing laws be modernized?
2. Based on Canadian values and interests, how should copyright changes be made in order to withstand the test of time
3. What sorts of copyright changes do you believe would best foster innovation and creativity in Canada?
4. What sorts of copyright changes do you believe would best foster competition and investment in Canada?
5. What kinds of changes would best position Canada as a leader in the global, digital economy?

Please take a few minutes to comment as part of the Copyright Consultations.

The most efficient way to do this is a formal written submissions.. You can submit by sending an email to

. You can read all the submissions posted here. (see the right side of the Copyright Consultation Site).

The consultations will run until Midnight Sunday, September 13, 2009, so make sure your contributions are submitted before then.

For the curious, a draft submission by a list member can be found at is Copyright 2009. He welcoms feedback and he also states:

Please grab anything you want from my submission towards your own.

The Economist

The Economist

This is one of the best representations I have seen in a while. I remember “a football field a minute” when discussing the quantity and speed of rainforest clear-cutting. It is not easy to drive something home and I think this Bic Mac one is stupendous.