May 2011

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This is a guest post by Mark Weiler:

It’s with great pleasure that announces the launch of the video “Canada’s Access to Information Act: An Epic Introduction

The video begins with a brief overview of the Access to Information Act, which is a mystery to most Canadians. The video then removes some of the mystery by providing an example of an order for documents filed through the Access to Information Act. The video then replaces the “mystery of not knowing ATI” with the “wonder of using ATI” by opening a door to a world of FOI magic, mages, dragon’s, and re/quests! The video includes a movie titled “Re/quest”, which is about the greatest Freedom of Information Legislation mage on her first re/quest into an unknown world — the Federal Other World. Join her as she crosses scorching deserts, lush forests, and frigid mountains to find in the Federal Other World materials that some adults in This World might be able to use to learn the magic of freedom of information legislation!

The video and movie were made with creative works – music, industry quality computer animation, and images – released through the Creative Commons. The video and movie are released through a Creative Commons Attribute 2.5 license which means you are free to remix and distribute them, even for commercial purposes.

Watch the trailer to the movie “Re/quest” and/or the full epic introduction.

The video and movie are intended for civically-minded adults with a creative spirit.

Mark Weiler

L’image globale: Qu’est-ce qu’il y a de neuf dans le monde des données

Atelier national de formation de l’IDD – session d’ouverture

À tous les jours on retrouve de l’innovation dans le monde des données : le web sémantique, l’informatique en nuage, la visualisation, la cartographie, les portails, les infrastructures de données géospatiales, etc.  Cette partie de la journée de formation portera  sur les nouvelles initiatives canadiennes concernant l’accès public aux données en mettant l’accent sur ??la transparence et les données ouvertes. Dans cette session, les participants/tes seront initiés à la démocratie participative et à l’utilisation des données numériques, aux définitions de données ouvertes et à des exemples de politiques gouvernementales éclairées.  En outre, nous nous pencherons sur ce que certains groupes communautaires font, la direction dans les grandes villes du Canada et dans la province de la Colombie-Britannique par les administrations et les citoyens. Nous traiterons notamment de licences, d’initiatives de données ouvertes, de « hackfest », de « hackathons », d’applications, des défis et des possibilités. Il est espéré que ce survol fournira aux participants/tes un aperçu des nouveautés dans le monde des données publiques au Canada.

The Big Picture: What is new in the Data World

DLI National Training Day – Opening Session

Data innovations happen daily: the semantic web, the cloud, visualization, mapping, sensors, spatial data infrastructures, etc. This portion of the Training Day will focus on recent access to public data initiatives in Canada with an emphasis on open government and open data. In this session participants will be introduced to data and participatory democracy, open data definitions and examples of good government policy. In addition, we will look at what some community groups are doing, the leadership in Canada’s big cities and the Province of BC by administrations and citizens. This will include licenses, open data initiatives, hackfests, hackathons, applications, challenges and opportunities. It is hoped that this overview will provide participants with insight about what is new in the Canadian access to public data world.

CTV News: Internet abuzz with tweets about mandatory census

Globe and Mail: Short-form census stays

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