August 2008

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From the BBC:

Internet mapping is wiping the rich geography and history of Britain off the map, the president of the British Cartographic Society has said.

Mary Spence said internet maps such as Google and Multimap were good for driving but left out crucial data people need to understand a landscape.

Mrs Spence was speaking at the Institute of British Geographers conference in London.

Google said traditional landmarks were still mapped but must be searched for.

Ms Spence said landmarks such as churches, ancient woodlands and stately homes were in danger of being forgotten because many internet maps fail to include them.


A couple of months back, got hacked, Google delisted us, and our host shut us down.

I finally got around to doing a reinstall of wordpress, and replacing all the infected php file. Some twiddling left do do yet, but … we’re up and running.

Sorry for the glitch in service. But we’re back to our free data agitation now…