List of Organizations AGAINST and SUPPORTING the Government’s Position on the cancellation of the Long Form of the 2011 Census.

This alphabetical list is a work in progress.  It is continuously being updated.  At the Bottom of this table you will find references to media roundups, a list of  lists and actions as they are discovered.  Do share!

[Updated Dec.23, 12:28 EST] Thanks to Peter Martino of the Social Planning Council of Toronto Save the Census Campaign who updated the lists and ongoing thank to Compte sur moi ! where many of the pdf letters are posted!

Organizations & Individuals AGAINST the Government Decision Organizations & Individuals SUPPORTING the Government Decision


  1. Alberta Health Services, CEO Dr. Stephen Duckett
  2. Alberta Professional Planners Institute
  3. Access Alliance Multicultural Health and Community Services
  4. Alliance canadienne des personnes retraitées
  5. Algonquins of Pikwakanagan Family Health Team
  6. Ancestry.ca
  7. Anglican Church of Canada / Église anglicane du Canada
  8. Anne Johnston Health Station
  9. Association des statisticiennes et statisticiens du Québec
  10. Association du Barreau canadien / The Bar Associate of Canada
  11. Association of Canadian Economist / Association canadienne des économistes
  12. Association des Soeurs du Canada
  13. Association feminine d’education et d’action sociale
  14. Association canadienne francaise pour avancement de science (ACFAS)
  15. Association féminine d’éducation et d’action sociale (AFEAS)
  16. Association francophone pour le savoir (Acfas)
  17. Association of Canadian Archivists (ACA)
  18. Association of Canadian Map Libraries and Archives (ACMLA) / Association des cartothèques et des archives cartographiques du Canada
  19. Association of Educational Researchers of Ontario
  20. Association of Municipalities of Ontario / Association des municipalités de l’Ontario
  21. Association ontarienne des chercheurs et chercheuses en éducation au ministre Clement (AERO)
  22. Association of Ontario Health Centres
  23. Association of Public Health Epidemiologists in Ontario (APHEO) / Association ontarienne d’épidémiologie et desanté publique
  24. Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada /
    Association des universités et collèges du Canada
  25. Atlantic Provinces Economics Council / Conseil économique de province de l’atlantique
  26. Atlantic Association of Planning Technicians
  27. Atlantic Provinces Library Association
  28. Larry Bagnell, MP Yukon
  29. Barrie Community Health Centre
  30. Black Centre for Youth Resources (The Youth Centre)
  31. BC Library Association
  32. BC Chamber of Commerce
  33. BC Government Employee Union (BCGEU)
  34. Black Creek Community Health Centre
  35. BC Council for Families
  36. BC Non Profit Housing Association
  37. BC Government and Service Employees’ Union
  38. Bloc Québécois
  39. Brock Community Health Centre
  40. Bridges Community Health Centre
  41. Burlington Chamber of Commerce
  42. Burnaby Family Life
  43. C.D. Howe Institute
  44. Caledon Institute of Social Policy / Institut Caledon des Politiques Sociales
  45. Calgary Herald (Editorial)
  46. Calgary and Red Deer City Planners
  47. Canada Census Committee
  48. Canadian Arab Federation
  49. Canadian Association of Professional Employees
  50. Canadian Bar Association
  51. Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives (CCPA) / Centre canadien pour des politiques alternatives
  52. Canada West Foundation
  53. Canada Without Poverty Advocacy Network
  54. Canadian Alliance of Student Associations (CASA) / Alliance canadienne des étudiants (CASA)
  55. Canadian Anthropology Society / Société canadienne d’anthropologie (CASCA)
  56. Canadian Association for Business Economics (CABE) / Association canadienne des économistes d’affaire
  57. Canadian Association of Geographers / Association canadienne des géographes
  58. Canadian Association of Journalists / Association canadienne de journalisme
  59. Canadian Association of Midwifes (CAM)
  60. Canadian Association of Public Data Users (CAPDU) / Association canadienne des usagers de données publiques
  61. Canadian Association of Research Libraries (CARL) / Association canadienne des librairies de recherche
  62. Canadian Association of Retired People (CARP)
  63. Canadian Association of Social Workers (CASW)
  64. Canadian Association of University Teachers (CAUT) / Association canadienne des professeurs d’université
  65. Canadian Chamber of Commerce
  66. Canadian Conference of the Arts
  67. Canadian Council on Social Development / Conseil canadien du développement social
  68. Canadian Council for Refugees
  69. Canadian Catholic Council of Bishops & here
  70. Canadian Economics Association
  71. Canadian Evaluation Society / Association canadienne d’évaluation
  72. Canadian Federation of Demographers / Association canadienne des démographes
  73. Canadian Federation of Humanities and Social Sciences / Fédération canadienne des sciences humaines et sociales
  74. Canadian Federation of Independent Business / Fédération canadienne des entreprises indépendante
  75. Canadian Federation of Students
  76. Canadian Restaurant and Food Services Association
  77. Elizabeth Hanson, Yukon NDP Leader
  78. Canadian Historical Association / Société historique du Canada
  79. Canadian Housing and Renewal Association
  80. Canadian Institute of Actuaries / l’Association canadienne des actuaires
  81. Canadian Institute of Transportation Engineers
  82. Canadian Institute of Planners / Fédération canadienne des urbanistes & Statement by Marni Cappe
  83. Canadian Index of Wellbeing
  84. Canadian Islamic Congress
  85. Canadian Jewish Congress / Congrès Juif Canadien
  86. Canadian Labour Congress / Congrès canadien des travailleurs
  87. Canadian Library Association
  88. Canadian Marketing Association / Association canadienne de marketing
  89. Canadian Medical Association Journal
  90. Canadian Medical Association
  91. Canadian Mental Health Association
  92. Canadian Network of Metropolis Centers / Réseau canadien des centres Metropolis
  93. Canadian Nurses Association / Société des infirmières du Canada
  94. Canadian Population Society / Association canadienne de population
  95. Canadian Public Health Association / Association canadienne de santé publique
  96. Canadian Research Data Network Centre / Réseau des centres de données de recherche
  97. Canadian School Board Association
  98. Canadian Society for Epidemiology and Biostatistics (CSEB) / Société canadienne d’épidémiologie et de statistiques
  99. Canadian Sociology Association / Association canadienne de Sociologie
  100. Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) / Syndicat Canadien de Fonction Publique (SCFP)
  101. Canadian Urban Transit Association (CUTA)
  102. Canadian Urban Institute / Association canadienne de développement urbain
  103. Canadian Women’s Foundation
  104. Capital Regional District (in B.C.)
  105. Mel Cappe, former Clerk of the Privy Council
  106. Carleton University Graduate Student Association (GSA)
  107. Carleton University Undergraduate Student Association (CUSA)
  108. Carefirst Famil Health Team
  109. Carleton University Academic Staff Association (CUASA)
  110. Carlington Community Health Centre
  111. Catholic Civil Rights League
  112. Catholic Women’s League of Canada
  113. Central Toronto Community Health Centres
  114. Centre francophone de Toronto
  115. Centre for Study of Living Standards / Centre de recherche pour niveau de vie
  116. Centre interuniversitaire québécois des statistiques sociales / CIQSS-QICSS / Quebec Inter-University Centre for Social Statistics
  117. Centre de santé communautaire de Kapuskasing et région
  118. Centre de santé communautaire de l’Estrie
  119. Centre de santé communautaire de Sudbury-Est
  120. Centre de santé communautaire du Grand Sudbury
  121. Centre de santé communautaire du Temiskaming
  122. Centre de santé communautaire Hamilton/Niagara
  123. Centretown Community Health Centre
  124. Chinese Canadian National Council
  125. Childcare Resource and Research Unit
  126. Children’s Aid Society of Toronto
  127. Cities Centre – University of Toronto Research Institute
  128. Cityspaces Consulting Ltd.
  129. Citizens Engaging Democracy, Newmarket-Aurora
  130. City of Burnaby
  131. City of Brampton
  132. City of Calgary
  133. City of Charlottetown
  134. City of Cornwall
  135. City of Dieppe
  136. City of Edmonton
  137. City of Fernie
  138. City of Fredericton
  139. City of Greater Sudbury
  140. City of Hamilton
  141. City of Kelowna
  142. City of Kitchener
  143. City of Kitimat
  144. City of Lac Mégantic
  145. City of Langley
  146. City of Laval
  147. City of Mississauga
  148. City of Moose Jaw
  149. City of Montreal
  150. City of North Vancouver, and Minutes
  151. City of Merritt
  152. City of Mississauga
  153. City of Montreal
  154. City of Mount Pearl
  155. City of New Westminster
  156. City of Ottawa
  157. City of Owen Sound
  158. City of Penticton
  159. City of Pitt Meadows
  160. City of Port Colborne
  161. City of Prince George
  162. City of Red Deer
  163. City of Richmond Hill
  164. City of Sault Ste. Marie
  165. City of Spruce Grove
  166. City of Surrey
  167. City of St. Albert
  168. City of St. Catharines
  169. City of Toronto, and other info.
  170. City of Vancouver
  171. City of Vernon
  172. City of Victoria
  173. Coalistion Québécoise pour l’avenir du recensement
  174. Collectif de bibliothécaires du Québec (Jo-Ann Belair, Annie Bérubé, Stéfano Biondo, Joë Bouchard,Chantal Beauregard, Pierre Carrier, Pierre Chicoine, Nancy Drolet, Alain Gendron, Catherine Jalbert, Guy Julien, Christian Lacroix, Dominique Lapierre, Marie-Denise Lavoie, Louise Leblanc, Sonia Léger, Véronique Paré, Normand Pelletier, Marcel Plourde, Gaston Quirion, Rose-Marie Racine-April et Chantal St-Louis)
  175. Concordia University Student’s Associations
  176. Co-operative Housing Federation of Canada / Fédération Canadienne des Coopératives de Logement
  177. Committee of Presidents of Statistical Societies
  178. Commission des droits de la personne et des droits de la jeunesse
  179. Commissariat aux langues officielles
  180. Communauté métropolitaine de Montréal (82 Cities)
  181. Community and Primary Health Care – Lanark, Leeds & Grenville
  182. Community Development Halton (Ontario)
  183. Community Development Council Durham
  184. Community Foundations of Canada
  185. Community Social Planning Council of Greater Victoria
  186. Confédération des associations étudiantes de l’Université Laval (CADEUL)
  187. Conseil consultatif sur la condition de femme du Nouveau-Brunswick
  188. Concordia Student Union
  189. Conference Board of Canada
  190. Conference des Lecteurs et Principaux des University de Quebec / Conference of Rectors and Principals of Quebec Universities (Association of Universities in Quebec)
  191. Conférence régionale des élus (CRÉ) de Laval
  192. Conseil permanent de la jeunesse (CPJ)
  193. Conseil des agences servant les immigrants
  194. Conseil Québécois des Coopératives et des Municipalités
  195. Conservative MP James Rajotte
  196. Cornwall Agape Centre
  197. Country Roads Community Health Centre
  198. Daily Bread Food Bank (Toronto)
  199. Davenport Perth Community Health Centre
  200. Delhi Family Health Team
  201. Département de démographie of Université de Montréal
  202. Ruby Dhalla, MP
  203. Dilico Family Health Team
  204. District of Kent
  205. District of Nipissing Social Service Admin Board
  206. District of Maple Ridge
  207. Doctors Nova Scotia
  208. Don Drummond; former chief economist of TD bank, former ADM of Finance
  209. East End Community Health Centre
  210. East Wellington Family Health Team
  211. Economic Development Association of British Columbia (EDABC)
  212. Edmonton Journal, Editorial
  213. Elgin County
  214. Équipe de santé familiale communautaire de l’Est d’Ottawa
  215. Evangelical Fellowship of Canada / Alliance Évangélique du Canada
  216. Environics Analytics
  217. Fair Share Peel
  218. Family Service Association of Toronto
  219. Research, Evaluation and Planning
    Family Service Toronto
  220. Federation of Post-Secondary Educators of BC
  221. Fédération canadienne de démographie
  222. Fédération des associations étudiantes du Campus de l’Université de Montréal (FAÉCUM)
  223. Fédération des chambres de commerce du Quebec
  224. Féderation des Communautés Francophones et Acadiennes du Canada (FCFA)
  225. Fédération des travailleurs et travailleuses du Québec
  226. Fédération étudiante collégiale du Québec (FECQ)
  227. Federation of Canadian Municipalities / Fédération canadienne des municipalités (Letter)
  228. Fédération étudiante universitaire du Québec (FEUQ)
  229. Fédération Québécoise des Professeurs et Professeures d’Universités
  230. Federation of Prince Edward Island Municipalities
  231. Federation of University Women – Samantha Spady
  232. Greg Finnegan, director of the Yukon Bureau of Statistics
  233. Dr. Robin Fitzgerald, Research Fellow, Key Centre for Ethics, Law, Justice and Governance, Griffith University, Canadian Scholar Downunder
  234. Flemingdon Health Centre
  235. Fraser Valley Regional District
  236. Four Villages Community Health Centre
  237. Free Education Montreal
  238. Front d’action populaire en réaménagement urbain (FRAPRU)
  239. Ivan Fellegi, Former Chief Statistician, Statistics Canada
  240. Tom Flanagan, University of Calgary
  241. French Language Services Commissioner of Ontario / commissaire aux services en français de l’Ontario
  242. Gateway Community Health Centre
  243. Gizhewaadiziwin Access Centre
  244. Glendon School of International and Public Policy
  245. Globe and Mail Editorials
  246. Stephen Gordon, economist Université Laval
  247. Government of Nunavut
  248. Frank Graves, EKOS Research (polling)
  249. Grand Bend Area Community Health Centre
  250. Grand River Community Health Centre
  251. Greater Halifax Partnership
  252. Greater Victoria Community Indicators Network
  253. Green Party of Canada / Parti vert du Canada
  254. Grey County
  255. Guelph Community Health Centre
  256. Halifax Chronicle-Herald, Editorial
  257. Halton, Region of
  258. Hamilton’s Settlement and Integration Services Organization
  259. Hamilton Roundtable for Poverty Reduction
  260. Hamilton Urban Core Community Health Centre
  261. Hamilton Community Foundation
  262. Headwaters Communities in Action (HCIA)
  263. The Hill Times editorial
  264. Alex Himelfarb, former Clerk of Privy Council
  265. Imagine Canada
  266. Information and Communications Technology Council
  267. Institut de statistiques Quebec / Statistical Institute of Quebec
  268. Institute for Research on Public Policy
  269. Inuit Tapiriit Kanatami / Association nationale Inuit (du Canada)
  270. International Statistical Institute
  271. International Association for Social Science Information Service and Technology (IASSIST)
  272. Kawartha North Family Health Team
  273. Kenora Area Health Access Centre
  274. Kingston Community Health Centre
  275. Kitchener Downtown Community Health
  276. Lakeshore Area Multi-Service Project (LAMP)
  277. Lanark Health and Community Services
  278. Langs Farm Village Association
  279. Liberal Party of Canada / Parti Libéral du Canada
  280. London InterCommunity Health Centre
  281. Lumina Research Valuation and Advisory Services
  282. Maclean’s Magazine (Articles)
  283. Marketing Research and Intelligence Association (MRIA) / Association de la Recherche et de Intelligence Marketing (ARIM)
  284. Roger Martin, Rotman School of Management
  285. Patricia J. Martens PhD, Director, Manitoba Centre for Health Policy; CIHR/PHAC Applied Public Health Chair; Professor, Department of Community Health Sciences, Faculty of Medicine, University of Manitoba
  286. Martin Prosperity Institute
  287. Mary Berglund Community Health Centre
  288. JJ McCullough
  289. McGill’s Post-Graduate Student Society (PGSS)
  290. Dr. McKeown, Medical Officer of Health, City of Toronto
  291. Kelly McParland (editor of Full Comment, the National Post)
  292. Medical Health Officers Council of Saskatchewan
  293. Merrickville District Community Health Centre
  294. Metcalf Foundation
  295. Métis National Council (MNC)
  296. Metropolis British Columbia
  297. Metro Vancouver (AKA GVRD)
  298. Metro Vancouver Housing Committee
  299. Kevin Milligan, economist at University of British Columbia
  300. Mike Moffatt
  301. Misiway Milopemahtesewin Community Health Centre
  302. Municipality ofr Huron East
  303. David Murakami Wood, Queen’s University
  304. N’Mninoeyaa Community Health Access Centre
  305. Nanos Research (polling)
  306. National Council of Women of Canada (NCWC)
  307. National Post Editorial
  308. National Specialty Society for Community Medicine
  309. National Statistics Council (French Statement) / Association statistique du Canada
  310. Nature International Editorial
  311. New Democratic Party of Canada / Nouveau Parti Démocratique du Canada
  312. New Heights Community Health Centres
  313. Niagara Falls Community Health Centre
  314. Noojmowin Teg Health Centre
  315. North Bay Parry Sound District Health Unit
  316. North Hamilton Community Health Centre
  317. North Hastings Family Health Team
  318. North Lambton Community Health Centre
  319. North West Territories
  320. North Western Ontario Municipal Association
  321. NorWest Community Health Centres
  322. Oak Park Neighbourhood Centre
  323. Office of the Ombudsmen, City of Toronto
  324. Official Language Commissioner
  325. Ontario Chamber of Commerce
  326. Ontario Council of Agencies Serving Immigrants
  327. Ontario Council of University Libraries
  328. Ontario deputy finance minister Peter Wallace
  329. Ontario Human Rights Commission (OHRC)
  330. Ontario Non-Profit Housing Association (OPNHA)
  331. Ontario-Municipal Social Services Association (OMSSA)
  332. Ontario Professional Planners Institute
  333. Ontario Public School Boards Association
  334. Opportunities Waterloo Region
  335. Orillia Packet and Times (Editorial)
  336. Oshawa Community Health Centre
  337. Dr. Sylvia Ostry, Former Chief Statistician
  338. Tom Ostler: Manager, Policy and Research, Toronto Planning Dept.
  339. Ottawa Citizen Editorial
  340. PARC (Toronto)
  341. Parkdale Community Health Centre
  342. Paul Roumeliotis-Eastern Ontario Health Unit
  343. Peel, Regional Municipality
  344. Peel Children’s Aid / Aide à l’enfance région de Peel
  345. Peel Poverty Action Group (PPAG)
  346. Peel Regions Public School board
  347. Petawawa Centennial Family Health Team
  348. Peterborough’s medical officer of health
  349. Pickard &Law Firm
  350. Pillar Nonprofit Network
  351. Pinecrest-Queensway Health & Community Services
  352. Planned Parenthood of Toronto
  353. Planning Council of Cambridge and North Dumfries (Cambridge,Ont.)
  354. Planning Institute of British Columbia (PIBC)
  355. Blake Poland, Associate Professor, Dalla Lana School of Public Health, University of Toronto
  356. Port Hope Community Health Centre
  357. John Pliniussen, Queen’s University
  358. Portage La Prairie, Municipality
  359. Poverty Free Halton
  360. Valerie Preston, director of CERIS research centre on immigration and settlement issues York University
  361. Prentice Institute at University of Lethbridge
  362. The Professional Institute of the Public Service of Canada
  363. Province of Manitoba
  364. Province of New Brunswick
  365. Province of Ontario
  366. Province of Ontario – Office of Francophone Affairs
  367. Province of Prince Edward Island
  368. Province of Quebec
  369. Public Service Alliance of Canada (PSAC)
  370. Quebec Community Groups Network
  371. Quebec English School Board Association
  372. Queen’s University
  373. Queer Ontario
  374. John Rafferty, MP
  375. Research Centre on Digital Inclusion / Centre de recherche et d’expérimentation sur l’inclusion numérique (CREIN)
  376. Regent Park Community Health Centre
  377. Reg district Central Kootenay
  378. Region of Durham
  379. Region of Kootenay
  380. Region of Mount Waddington
  381. Region of Waterloo
  382. Region of York
  383. Regional Planning Commissioners of Ontario
  384. Regional Health Authority — Central Manitoba Inc.
  385. Registered Nurses Association of Ontario
  386. Rexdale Community Health Centre
  387. Richard Florida, University of Toronto
  388. Residential and Civil Construction Alliance of Ontario (RCCAO) / Alliance de la construction résidentielle et civile de l’Ontario
  389. Roman Catholic bishops
  390. Royal Society of Canada
  391. Rural Ontario Institute (ROI)
  392. Sandwich Community Health Centre
  393. Sandy Hill Community Health Centre
  394. St. Joseph’s Health Centre
  395. St. Stephen’s House
  396. Saskatchewan School Board Association
  397. Saskatchewan Students’ Union (USSU)
  398. Andrejs Skaburskis, Queen’s University
  399. Sexual Assault and Violence Intervention Services (SAVIS)
  400. Munir A. Sheikh, Former Chief Statistician of Canada
  401. Shkagamik-Kwe Health Centre
  402. Martin Simard,  laboratoire LERGA, Département des sciences humaines et CRDT, Université du Québec à Chicoutimi
  403. Simcoe County
  404. Andrejs Skaburskis, Queen’s University
  405. Social Planning Council of Kitchener-Waterloo
  406. Social Planning Council of Ottawa
  407. Social Planning Council of Sudbury
  408. Social Planning Network of Ontario
  409. Social Planning Toronto
  410. Social Planning Council of Winnipeg
  411. Social Policy in Ontario
  412. Société franco-manitobaine
  413. Société de l’Acadie du Nouveau-Brunswick
  414. Social Development Council of Cornwall and Area (SDC)
  415. Société de l’Acadie du Nouveau-Brunswick
  416. Société franco-manitobaine
  417. Somerset West Community Health Centre
  418. South Riverdale Community Health Centre
  419. South-East Ottawa Centre for a Healthy Community
  420. Southwest Ontario Aboriginal Health Access Centre
  421. SPARC BC (Social Planning and Research Council of BC)
  422. StarPhoenix [Saskatoon ] Editorial
  423. Statistical Society of Canada
  424. Statistics Canada Advisory Committee
  425. Statistics Canada Advisory Committee on Demographic Statistics and Studies / Comité consultatif sur les études et les statistiques démographiques de Statistique Canada
  426. Statistical Governance Advisory Board (Established by the European Parliament in 2008)
  427. Students’ Society of McGill University (SSMU)
  428. Statistics Society of Canada
  429. Stonegate Community Health Centre
  430. Sudbury Star, Editorial
  431. Surrey Board of Trade (BC)
  432. Syndicat des employés internationaux unis (SEIU)
  433. Table régionale des organismes communautaires autonomes en logement de Laval (TROCALL)
  434. TAIBU Community Health Centre
  435. Tasha Kheirridin
  436. Teen Health Centre
  437. Tilbury District Family Health Team
  438. Toronto Association for Business Economics
  439. Toronto Board of Trade
  440. Toronto Board of Health
  441. Toronto Immigrant Employment Data Initiative (TIEDI)
  442. Toronto Public Health / Directeur de santé publique de Toronto
  443. Toronto Star Editorial
  444. Toronto Social Research and Data Consortium (30 health, community and multi-service social agencies)
  445. Toronto Women’s Housing Co-op
  446. Town of Caledon
  447. Town of Halton Hills
  448. Town of Kindersley
  449. Town of Langley
  450. Town of Milton
  451. Town of Oakville
  452. Town of Penetanguishene
  453. Town of Smith Falls
  454. Town of Scucog
  455. Town of Springwater
  456. Town of Woolwich
  457. Transportation Association of Canada / Conseil du transport urbain du Canada
  458. Ukrainian Canadian Congress / Congrès Canadien Ukrainien
  459. United Church of Canada
  460. United Steelworkers
  461. United Way of Calgary
  462. United Way of Canada
  463. United Way of Kitchener-Waterloo and Area
  464. United Way of Greater Simcoe County
  465. United Way Toronto
  466. Université de Toronto
  467. Union of BC Municipalities
  468. Urban Public Health Network
  469. Urban Transportation Council
  470. Urban Futures
  471. Vancouver Board of Trade
  472. Vanier Institute of the Family
  473. Vaughan Community Health Centre
  474. Village of Haines Junction
  475. Volunteer Toronto
  476. Wabano Centre for Aboriginal Health
  477. Waterloo, Region of
  478. Waterloo Students Planning Advisory
  479. Wellesley Institute
  480. West Elgin Community Health Centre
  481. West Hill Community Services
  482. West Toronto Support Services
  483. Western Ontario Wardens’ Caucus
  484. Windsor Family Health Team
  485. Winnipeg Regional Health Authority
  486. WoodGreen Community Services
  487. Woolwich Community Health Centre
  488. York Community Services
  1. National Citizens Coalition census
  2. The Fraser Institute
  3. Lorne Gunther and Ezra Levant, National Post
  4. Canadian Taxpayers Federation
  5. Toronto Sun editorial
  6. Terence Corcoran, Columnist National Post
  7. Red Deer MP Earl Dreeshen
  8. Kenora Mayor, Len Compton
  9. The Province Newspaper
  10. Rafe Mair, Columnist
  11. Mark Warawa, Langley MP

Other Lists:

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Other Media Round Ups:


  1. Social Planning Council of Toronto: Save our Census
  3. Petition: Keep the Canadian Census Long Form Petition
  4. Facebook Page: Keep the Canadian Census Long Form
  5. New Brunswick Advisory Council on the Status of Women Take Action et En action; A woman’s View & Le point de vue d’une femme
  6. Caledon Institute of Social Policy:  Stand up for good government, MPs*
  7. Canadian Council on Social Development:  Toolkit
  8. Community Dispatch: Changes To 2011 Census Threaten Community Data and
  9. Citizens Engaging Democracy, Newmarket-Aurora
  10. Vote on the Digital Strategy Submission: Reinstate the Census Long Form
  11. Letter Writing: Canadian Institute of Planners
  12. Opinion: Survey

This list was initially compiled by W. T. Stanbury (wstanbury@prodigy.net.mx) and Armine Yalnizyan, Canadian Centre for Policy Analysis and now it expanded as a result of numerous contributors from individuals across the country. I have also merged information from the list of lists above. I get articles from web crawls, #census #statcan #cdnpoli, blogs and what people send.

Graphic By http://www.socialsignal.com/


  1. Chantal James’s avatar

    In Canada there is a polarization on the subject of the mandatory census. People “for ” the census speak of the need for the data and it’s value in formulating smart government policy. People “against” the decision talk of their rights and coercion, and does a group have the right to demand an individual answer questions about their life against their will, under threat of fine and jail.
    So what’s more important, the group/state/country/collective or the rights of the individual? Hasn’t this question been played out countless times over the centuries around the world? How was this question settled? I guess it depends which country you live in. Some countries certainly protect the rights of the individual over the right of the group a lot better than others.
    If you study sociology or anthropology or philosophy, it is easy to identify these concepts in other populations/countries/ historical periods, but every population and individual is blind to these concepts in their own group. What do you do when the truth of your group conflicts with the truth of an individual?
    “StatsCan does great work for Canada.” (Truth for our group/Country/population.)
    “I’ll ask the economists, politicians, and government agencies to keep their unwanted, uncomfortable questions off of me.” (Truth for the single mother who feels uncomfortable with the questions the census informs her she must answer, and refuses to answer)

    Hence this debate, because the existence of people who don’t answer the census questions, or answer them incorrectly, or write “object to question” for the reply poses an inconvenient truth for the group (“us Canadians”).
    In fact, if you look at census data from all countries, including Canada, there are a significant number of respondents who mark some answers as “object to question”. Many others answer some questions in obviously incorrect ways which are understood but are not counted (eg. marking Jedi as their religion). It’s not easily known how many people purposely answer incorrectly and have these incorrect answers erroneously counted as accurate by Statistics Canada. Statistical agencies around the world don’t like to talk about this problem, because it skews the data and puts the validity of all their work at risk.
    Now that the issue has been politicized, we even have some people who are “for” the mandatory census saying that people who object to the questions don’t really exist. I’d be careful with that line of thought.
    Everyone knows the census provides valuable data. No one is saying the data is not. You won’t win the argument by listing the hundreds of groups and organizations who want and need this data, unless you deal with why coercion of individuals to get this data is acceptable in this case.

    Is the following acceptable?

    Single Mother: “I feel uncomfortable with you and your questions. Please stop contacting me and leave me alone. I feel you are harassing me and I’m asking you to please stop. I know my rights.”

    StatsCan worker: “We don’t care how you feel, you must answer our questions about your life. I am doing nothing wrong, this is my job. You are the one breaking the law and we can fine you or put you in jail for your behaviour. We will keep contacting you. We will keep coming by your home. We have your name and we have taken a description of you. We want much more information than you have provided and you are being uncooperative. There is nothing you can do about this. You are wrong and you do not have any rights in this situation.” (Truth for the statscan worker who has a quota to reach, and is dealing with uncooperative, unhelpful, anti-government people who are purposely not answering these mandatory census questions properly.)

    The standard in the western world for data collection from individuals is informed consent, (with the one and only exception of the mandatory census). Maybe it’s time to look at this issue and have a real debate about the issues.

    This really long list of the people and groups who use and need this data and support the mandatory census is also a list of people who are for coercion and don’t believe in informed consent.

  2. Tracey’s avatar

    Thanks Chantal.

    Citizens have to pay taxes, not idle in their cars in the summer heat, send their kids to school, present a health card when they go to the hospital, or need a license to do a whole host of things. It is a fair trade in a democratic society, or else, we have no money to manage the nation, we get more carbon in the air that affects respiratory health, kids will not get the tools they and we need to be good and informed citizens, any one can just travel to Canada to use the health care system, or well, the roads would be crazy if we let unlicensed drivers on the road. We live in a collective, and to better direct and strategically spend, we need good data, a mandatory census ensures good data. Those on the list understand that citizenship in a democracy has tradeoffs, and the mandatory long form census is one of them.

    Statistics Canada, when they do their follow-up on the census, are pretty great at informing people why they are asking those questions and how they use the data. For the single parent, it means understanding time limitations, the need for childcare, perhaps income supplements, social and recreational programs at a fair price in her neighbourhood. Information helps make decisions on a variety of things that improve our lives. A few minutes of annoyance is worth the return.

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    Oops… Region of Waterloo is listed twice.

    275. Region of Waterloo
    and 337. Waterloo, Region of

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