December 2009

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Strange Maps has a wonderful series of posts that examine current political outcomes as viewed in electoral maps and explores the clustering patterns of those results with historical, territorial and demographic boundaries and patterns.

It would be great to see these historical patterns in Canada. Imagine a map of past electoral results animated to show change overtime and to compare those with a variety of religious, linguistic, age and a selection of other demographic variables to see if there is a pattern in Canada!

Also, on an electoral note, the UK is releasing its Postal Code geodata. In Canada, people have been lobbying to get access our postal code lookup file for free with unrestricted use because it can link postal code with electoral boundaries, a simple democratic process tool that is most certainly not libre in Canada!

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Anti poverty advocates often have difficulty getting their points across. A new campaign in Hamilton called Do the Math has developed an interesting collaborative strategy to do just that! The Spec explains the process in this article Does $572 a month cover basic needs?. The following photo explains it all!

Does $572 a month cover basic needs?

Does $572 a month cover basic needs?