Election Platform – LF Census

The NDP and the Liberals have explicitly stated in their platform that they will reinstate the Long-Form Census.  The Bloc Québecois mentions the cancellation but is not explicit on reinstatement.  The Greens do not mention the Census.

Census - Election Platforms

NDP Liberals Bloc
5.15 Restoring the Long-Form Census Open Government p. 71 1.4.5 L e Bloc Québécois fera montre de vigilance pour s’assurer que toutes les institutions indépendantes fédérales demeurent réellement à l’abri des pressions idéologiques ou partisanes du gouvernement.
We will restore the long-form census. All levels of government, civil society, researchers, business and the public must have access to independent and reliable statistics and demographic information to make informed decisions and develop sound public policy to benefit all Canadians. Therefore, a Liberal government will restore the mandatory long form census. Cancelation mentioned but not reinstatement
    3.1 L’indifférence à l’égard du fait français
    Cancelation mentioned but not reinstatement

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