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Graphic By http://www.socialsignal.com/I maintain a list of actions, lists of lists and other media round up sites at the bottom of Census Watch and thought I would elevate them.  There are but a few weeks before the house sits (Sept. 20) and I thought you all might like to do a few things in preparation.  The local action is critical.

1. Canadian Council on Social Development (CCSD)Long Form Census Toolkit

  • Grass roots local action is key, especially in Tory ridings.  Very helpful information, templates, letters, and tips on talking to your MP.

2.Community Groups: Save our Census

  • Resources, tool kits, action letters, bumper stickers and more

3. Petition: Keep the Canadian Census Long Form Petition

  • Over 15 000 signatures so far! Go sign it.

4. New Brunswick Advisory Council on the Status of Women: Take Action et En action et ; A woman’s View & Le point de vue d’une femme

  • Information on taking action in New Brunswick, and talking points on why the census is important for women

5. Caledon Institute of Social Policy: Stand up for good government, MPs*

  • Reflections on governing when letter writing and voting

6. Community Dispatch: Changes To 2011 Census Threaten Community Data

  • Census issue explained bu community Development Halton  and action items.

7. Citizens Engaging Democracy, Newmarket-Aurora

  • facebook group, local coffee meetings to plan for local action

8. Vote on the Digital Strategy Submission: Reinstate the Census Long Form

  • Well we know what happened here! Just a reminder about a consultation gone bad!

9. Letter Writing: Canadian Institute of Planners

10. Facebook Page: Keep the Canadian Census Long Form

  • Join the group

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