swivel – make your data pretty

Mix up and make pretty your data at Swivel:

Swivel’s mission is to liberate the world’s data and make it useful so new insights can be discovered and shared…

We believe data is most valuable when it’s out in the open where everyone can see it, debate it, have fun, and share new insights. Swivel is applying the power of the Web to data so that life gets better.

UPDATE: The graph below is titled: “The iPhone: did it shake up the phone market?”, and can be found here, with some added context/



  1. Erigami’s avatar

    Nice graph. No title. No title for the Y axis. No legend to show the meaning of the colours. No source shown for the data.

  2. Hugh’s avatar

    sorry, i updated the link to the page… just grabbed a random image from Swivel, without linking to it properly. oops.

    also note, swivel is a tool to let you upload you data and make nice web-based graphs, so the old computer adage will apply: garbage in/garbage out.

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