Canadians growing a little greener, StatsCan survey suggests

Looks like some of us are using less pesticides, purchasing a few more energy efficient and water conservation devices, composting only very slightly more than before, and it seems we dunno what to do with our toxic waste, we still throw out medicines and electronics in the regular curb pick up and we still commute to work one person per car which is too bad since

Passenger transportation accounts for about 12 per cent of Canada’s greenhouse gas emissions and efforts to improve efficiency are a high-profile part of the global warming debate.

Also, sadly we drink way more bottled water than is necessary in a country with an excellent drinking water infrastructure.

It would be great to get a hold of the raw data and play with it. It could be mapped and studied with other variables like income, city versus rural, ethnicity, mother tongue, population density, etc. This type of analysis could help target campaigns in certain under-performing areas and study why others are doing better.


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  1. Hugh’s avatar

    ach… this is exactly the sort of stuff it would be so great to see. maps of where pesticide use is highest/lowest (vs maps of cancer rates & birth defects!) …tons of plastic bottles per capita, city vs rural, (along with maps of where there have been boil-water advisories) … composting vs. city compost programs vs. municipal cost of residential waste disposal.

    the mind races …!

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