meets the minister

The good folks at (one of the major inspirations for this blog) met with the UK’s Minister of Information, Michael Wills. The whole interview is interesting, of course, but just the opening remarks from Michael Wills show a remarkable openness to the idea of freed data:

Personally I’m very excited by this area, I asked to do this as part of my portfolio… The whole issue of data is I think tremendously exciting for all the reasons that you’ve said, it’s part of the infrastructure now of our society and our economy and it’s going to become more so with what’s happening with data mashing, the extraordinary intellectual creative energy that’s being unleashed is something that as a government we have to respond to, and the power of information you know is a very exciting document, something that I think is very much where government wants to be.



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    Thanks for the pointer. Only one thing though: we’re at – because, obviously, the campaign is nonprofit.

    Charles Arthur, editor, Guardian Technology & coordinator, Free Our Data

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    fixed! thanks for stopping by.

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