Statistics – Mixed Race identity, Less Weddings & Same Sex Couples

An excellent article by CBC online today –
Mixed-race identity: The Current looks at the growing number of mixed-race Canadians.  It is a great look at how statistics and social change are ways to help us understand the composition of our societies, their increasing complexity and how this information leads to change in public policy.  The release of the 2006 Census data has fueled some great articles in the Ottawa Citizens, one on how Same-sex couples now part of tall. Seems like there are more males than females in same sex relationships, 9% of the couples have children and these are found predominantly in the two mom categories.  Toronto, Montreal, West Coast Vancouver and Ottawa have the highest population of same sex couples.  In addition seems like Married people now in the minority in Canada but that people remain in committed relationships and rear children!  According to the article this is not much concern providing that:

Canadians continue to form families that fulfill the societal functions they always have — providing economic stability, raising children, instilling values — the categorization of those relationships can be “completely irrelevant.”

But Ms. Tipper said the rise in the number of some family groupings, such as those headed by lone parents, explains part of the increase in the unmarried population and that represents a significant social and economic challenge for Canada.