January 2008

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nice aerial pic of montreal’s north shore:

montreal's north shore

[via spacingmontreal]

The Toronto Star has a big map of languages spoken in Toronto, using 2006 census data.

Bricoleururbanism.org, a wonderful blog, has digested some of the map images for you, and here is one:

toronto quilt

Via: Spacingmontreal.ca

Makes me think of a good question for schools and universities: why aren’t you guys doing this stuff in your classes and publishing it like crazy? Wouldn’t it be nice if a big chunk of school work was designed to be actually useful to the world, and actually was? And was distributed freely on the net?

I dicovered DataPortability.org from some folks who are disturbed that their data stored in a system such as Facebook are not portable to other systems and that those data can disappear all together.

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