You mean there is an election in Canada?

Some of us are kinda, well, obsessed with the political jockeying south of the border, and this little Canadian contest seems almost beside the point (of course it isn’t). But anyway, for those of you who are data junkies at the best of times, and now suffering from Obamamania, and/or Palin fever, there are a few great projects out of the good ol US of A. [Would be nice to see the same effort and creativity put into Canadian politics, but I suspect that’s just dreaming.] Anyway, here a few nice sites to visit:, visual depiction of who’s in the news:
Everymoment Now : Obama Vs. McCain : Context and Scope to the 2008 US General Election (a site that digests all existing polling data, weighs it according to the polls’ past performance, and gives meta polling results, as well as some insightful commentary):


CafePress Meter (user-made t-shirt sales as polling indicator, apparently a far better measure than the traditional polls):

cafepress meter

Do you have any good US election data sites? Any good Canadian ones?