Canadian MP Vote being tracked

How’ followed by are two Canadian citizen led projects that developed information services to citizens regarding the voting patterns of their Federal MPs. was a vote swapping site created for the last elections which included a postal code lookup that led users to a map of their electoral district and to the electoral candidates for those ridings.

Libby Davies, MP Vancouver East, was the inspiration for the new Parliament of Canada service that tracks how MPs vote. If you look at Libby’s profile, you will see a vote tab that will lead to a list of bills she has and has not voted on and how she voted.

I wonder if those will stay up during the next elections and how long these records will remain public once the MP has moved on. It would be fantastic to see City Councilor and Provincial & Territorial MPP votes.

These services help citizens track what is being done, and provides a decision making service to citizens who will want to assess the stances taken by up-and coming representatives at election time.

Via: Michael Geist, and BoingBoing.
The Star Article: MP voting records go online.