Industry Canada says the census is not part of the Digital Economy

Here is the response I received just moments ago from Industry Canada:

The Government of Canada is interested in the ideas and views of all Canadians.

While the changes to the Census are important, they are not directly related to the development of a digital economy strategy for Canada.

Hence, the post was moved to the off-topic section of the site. It is still available for reading and can be accessed by searching the consultation web site and at its original URL (

The site’s Terms of Use clearly state that all postings are expected to be on-topic and relevant, and off-topic ideas will be moved to an off-topic section.

All the best

Michel Cimpaye
Media Relations
Industry Canada

I responded with the following questions:

Thank you.

Can you please explain explicitly how this is off topic? I have read the consultation paper at least 3 times and based on what I have read it fits perfectly in Canada’s Digital Content theme.

The Census and its digital data inform and direct the knowledge economy, the digital economy for which it is the purpose of this consultation.

You indicated that there may have been duplication of content. Can you please point me to where such duplication exists? And if that is the case, could you not use the votes received on the Census submission and add them to the duplicate?

Also, can you please advise who precisely made this decision? Who is responsible for this file and who is responsible for the decision you sent?

When was the decision made using precisely which criteria?

How were the 337 +/- Canadians who voted on this submission advised that they were voting on a submission that was removed?

Is there a public announcements?

Can you advise if the person who has submitted this has been advised?


1984 comes to mind as does the movie Brazil!


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