ChangeCamp Ottawa 2010

Saturday July 17, from 11am-4pm

Ottawa City Hall, 110 Laurier Avenue

The tag/hashtag for the event is #cco10

You can register through EventBrite, or contact us at

ChangeCamp is a free participatory web-enabled face-to-face event, which addresses the demand for a renewed relationship among citizens and government. The mission of ChangeCamp is to innovate how Canadian governments engage with citizens in an age of mass participation on the Internet. The event aims to develop action plans, for initiatives to improve participation in municipal governance utilizing web-technologies.

Building on the success of ChangeCamp 2009, ChangeCamp 2010 is an event being organized by the Ottawa community to bring together citizens, technologists, designers, academics, policy makers, political players, change-makers and government employees to discuss participatory governance at the municipal level in a web-enabled world. The key theme of this event is:

Data liberation and open, transparent and participative government

Are you interested in exploring ways better your community through improved access to information managed by various governments in the National Capital Region? Imagine being able to combine budgetary, health and voting information from all three levels of government to better understand how your tax dollars are being spent. Recently the City of Ottawa adopted the principles of Open Government and approved a contest for the creation of mobile and web applications to make use of its data with $50 000 in prizes and incentives.

ChangeCamp is a solutions playground open to anyone, where admission and ideas are free. ChangeCamp Ottawa is a unique opportunity. It is taking place in one of the most technologically connected and politically charged environments in the country.

ChangeCamp Ottawa is looking for those interested in e-governance, communications and policy. Are you in?

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