My Responses to the 2006 Long Form Census

Here are my responses to the 2006 Long Form.  Here is a link to the 2006 short form and here is some General information about the 2006 census. I will post the questions in a subsequent post.  I still for the life of me do not understand what the fuss is about, there is nothing nefarious in this questionnaire? Also, here is the Statistics Act of Canada.  Item 31 is the item in the Act that seems to be causing an uproar, yet, there are no records of these sanctions being imposed.

Note: The contentious question #53 is both on the long and short form!

I encourage others to post their responses!

Note: Religion was asked in the 2001 Census, this question is only asked every 10 years – It was questions #22. You can read information about the 2001 Questionnaire here.  That information includes the reasoning behind the questions.  The 2001 questionnaire is available here.  You can access some data here.

My Responses:

2 people (Long & Short form)

no (Long & Short form)

no (Long & Short form)

1. Tracey P. Lauriault, Son (Long & Short form)

2. F (Long & Short form)

3. DOB – ladies do not share their age on the Internet! (Long & Short form)

4. Never Legally Married (I have lots of paper & cracker jack rings though and do wear the occasional white dress!) (Long & Short form)

5. No (Long & Short form)

6. Son of Person 1 (Long & Short form)

7. No (Long Form only)

8. No (Long Form only)

9. Canada, Ontario (Long Form only)

10. Canada by birth (Long Form only)

11. No (Long Form only)

12. Not Applicable (Long Form only)

13. Both English and French (Long Form only)

14. Japanese (Long Form only)

15. a) Eglish, b) not (Long Form only)

16. French and English (Long & Short form)

17. Scottish, Irish, French, Aboriginal and well maybe one or two I do not know about! (Long Form only)

18. No (Long Form only)

19. White (beige in the summer!) (Long Form only)

20. No (Long Form only)

21. No (Long Form only)

23. Same Address as Now (Long Form only)

24. Lived at a different address in the same city (Long Form only)

25. Mother – Canada, Father – Canada (Long Form only)

26. Yes (Long Form only)

27. No (Long Form only)

28. Yes, certificate or diploma from a program of 1 to 2 years (Long Form only)

29. Yes, master’s degree (Phd In progress) (Long Form only)

30. Geography (Long Form only)

31. Canada, Ontario (Long Form only)

32. No (Long Form only)

33. a) 15-19, b) 5-14 c) none (Long Form only)

34. 35 (Long Form only)

35. No (Long Form only)

36. Not Applicable (Long Form only)

37. Not Applicable (Long Form only)

38. Not Applicable (Long Form only)

39. Not Applicable (Long Form only)

40. Carleton University, Acacia Consulting and Research (Long Form only)

41. University, Consulting and Research (Long Form only)

42. Researcher (Long Form only)

43. Research (Long Form only)

44. Working for Wages and Self Employed (Long Form only)

45. No (Long Form only)

46. Carleton University 1125 Colonel By Drive, Ottawa, Ontario, K1S5B6 and at worked at home (Long Form only)

47. Public Transit and Bicycle (Long Form only)

48. a) English and b) French (Long Form only)

49. 50 (Long Form only)

50. Part-Time (Long Form only)

51. I gave Statistics Canada permission to use the income information already available in his / her income tax files for the year ending December 31, 2005. (Long Form only)

52. see answer to 51. (Long Form only)

53. I agreed to make his / her 2006 Census information available for public  release in 2098 (92 years after the census)? (Short and Long Form only)

h1. Me (Long Form only)

h2. Rent (Long Form only)

h3. 5, 2 (Long Form only)

h4. 1971-1980 (Long Form only)

h5. No (Long Form only)

h6. a) Electricity 555$ b) 1230$ c) N/A (Long Form only)

h7. You could find out by looking on the Internet (Long Form only)

h8. Not Applicable (Long Form only)