Aug 4 & 5 Media Roundup

Now it is personal, do the tories hate data lovers?:

“Gordon O’Connor, the Conservative party whip who ensures MPs stay on message, said the census is “not an issue that people are going to live and die on” and that it’s mainly a big issue for the groups that want “free data” and the media who want something to write about during the summer” Montreal Gazette

“We don’t govern on the basis of statistics,” Nicholson said. “We govern on the basis of what we hear from the public and what law enforcement agencies tell us. That has not changed in the four and a half years we’ve been in government.”

Lots of cool videos if you search: Canada Census on youtube!

CBC Question of the Day:

And of course another song! (A la Johnny Cash)

Census Prison

(with sincere apologies to Johnny Cash)

I hear the census taker
He’s coming down the hall
He’s gonna ask me questions
That I won’t like at all

So I’m stuck inside this prison
No-one to post my bail
That damn form was too intrusive
So now I’m stuck in jail

It could have been San Quentin
Or maybe Alcatraz
I landed in the Don Jail
A sittin’ on my ass

Cause I skipped a census question,
Just because I could.
Then the census Mounties caught me
And locked me up for good.

Oh I hate that long form census
I’ll curse it till I die
Please Mr. Harper save me,
I promise I will try

And I’ll do my civic duty
Once every twenty-five years.
I’ll fill out that long form census,
Oh momma, dry your tears!