And now for something completely different – E-Waste

I have always had issues with labeling the Internet Age as green.  The power use of data & server farms, electronics waste, third world dismantling of toxic materials from e-waste, the massive materiality of the communication infrastructure, satellite waste in space, the conversion to flat screens, the want for a shiny new phone or ipod, old batteries and so on.  Just cuz there is a claim that we use less paper, by no means makes the Internet and computer age green.  Over the years I have written about electronic waste and in my housing coop we invariably get members dropping off all sorts of nefarious electronics that do not always get picked up by the neighbours let alone the fine waste removal folks. I am always struggling to find good educational material to share as often in an annoyed state I start sounding like a nag.  Until now!  Check out this City of Toronto add about collecting e-waste! Corny awesomeness! (via BoingBoing)