CIPPIC Summer Series Talk: Data, Maps, Location and Law

CIPPIC has a Summer Internship Program for law students with a lecture series. Once again this years I joined Teressa Scassa in a lunch 2 hour seminar on the topic of :Data, Maps, Location and Law. Teressa spoke about volunteered geographic information (VGI) and I gave the students an overview of data and maps focusing on topics such as data sources, data uses, different kinds of maps, how maps tell stories, and standards, technology, policy and legal interoperability.

Links in notes pages:

Global Map:

  • ISCGM:
  • Data Use Agreement:
  • GCRC & Global Map:

Forest Maps:

  • 1st – Forests
  • 2nd – Limits of the Forest
  • 3rd – Forest Regions
  • 4th – Vegetation Regions
  • 5th – Vegetation Cover
  • 6th – Forested Ecozones

Communication Infrastructure Maps:

  • 1st – Telephone Eastern
  • 2nd – Telegraphs – Ontario and Quebec [circa 1915]
  • 3rd – Television & Radio
  • 4th – Communications, 1967 – Eastern Canada
  • 5th – Telecommunications Systems, 1984