Women involved in Open Data

Updated April 29, 2013

If you are planning an Open Data event, an expert panel on the topic, looking for a conference speaker, or someone to interview for a news article, you might want to consider inviting some of the experts from this list.

If you know of people to add, please email me – tlauriau at gmail dot com.


  • Mary Beth Baker, Founding member of Open Data Ottawa, website
  • Natalie Black, programmer for Nimonik.ca
  • Ashley Casovan, Strategic Coordinator – Advisor to the CIO at  City of Edmonton, ashley dot casovan at edmonton dot ca
  • Julia Evans, data scientist & programmer. About.
  • Trish Garner, City of Toronto, Manager of Web Strategy, @trishgarner, Open Data Portal
  • Tracey P. Lauriault, Founding member of CivicAccess.ca list, Datalibre.ca, blog & bio
  • Heather Leson, Director of Community Engagement at Ushahidi, and see Textontechs, bio
  • Hillary Little, UI and Design, bio
  • Alison Loat, Samara, bio
  • Ellie Marshall, Open Northellie at opennorth do  ca
  • Diane Mercier, Open Data Advisor Ville de Montréal, Website
  • Josee Plamondon, app developer Contratsnet, jplamondon at gmail doc com
  • Gina Porcarelli, City of Toronto, Linkedin
  • Catherine Roy, Citizen member of the City of Montreal Table de concertation, web consultant, BIO
  • Laine Ruus, first data librarian in Canada, University of Toronto, Bio
  • Sheyda Saneinejad, Engineer, Innovation Lab
  • Teresa Scassa, Canada Research Chair in Information Law, Blog, Bio
  • Karen Smith, I School U of T, Bio
  • Wendy Watkins, Founding member of the Data Liberation Initiative (paper), contact