Data Science

I just came across some intensive data science training programs.  It is all part of the Data Deluge and I am sure universities are going to go big on this topic in the next 5 years, especially with the ubiquitous talk every time I turn around about big data.  I am also sure there will soon be a boom of Master of Data Administration (MDA) programs along with the usual MBA – MPA like programs with big fees.  IBM defines data scientists here and of course there is a Wikipedia definition. In the US a constellation of data science courses are emerging. The universe in Canada however seems a little slim and trim!  NSERC has the Discovery Frontiers Grants in Genomics, there is a new research chair position Canada Excellence Research Chair in Data Science for Real-Time Decision-Making and there are a couple of dots in Canada on this Data Scientist Meetup Map while UBC hosts a Data Science Portal.  Below is a list of what I found in terms of curricula without much digging.

  1. University of Chicago Data Science for Social Good
  2. Silicon Valley INSIGHT Data Science Fellows Program
  3. University of Washington Introduction to Data Science
  4. University of Illinois Data Sciences Summer Institute (DSSI)
  5. Columbia University Introduction to Data Science
  6. Berkeley Introduction to Data Science (Great Resources here!)
  7. Syracuse University Data Science program in the ISchool and Open Introduction to Data Science,
  8. New York University Data Science related courses
  9. EMC Data Science and Big Data Analytics
  10. Tetherless World Constellation (TWC) Data Science Courses

This NY Times article reports many more: Data Science: The Numbers of Our Lives as does this Computer World article  Colleges Incorporate Data Science Into Curriculum. Wired looks at The Modern Data Nerd Isn’t as Nerdy as You Think and Of course O’Reilly media back in 2011 released this report What is Data Science and an article written in 2010 What is Data Science.  The supply of data scientists seems to be low while the demand is high according to Computer World and IT World Canada. Interesting times ahead.


  1. CODATA Data Science Journal
  2. Columbia University Journal of Data Science